China has submitted 5G technology candidates to the international telecommunication union

Beijing, July 18 (xinhua) -- China's imt-2020 (5G) promotion group, the basic working platform for promoting 5G research and cooperation, ends its meeting in buzius, Brazil, July 17, 2018. At the meeting, China completed the complete submission of imt-2020 (5G) candidate technical solutions and obtained the official acceptance letter of the international telecommunication union (itu) on 5G candidate technical solutions.

It is reported that about 180 representatives from global government departments, telecom manufacturing and operating enterprises and research institutions attended the conference. The Chinese delegation consists mainly of China information and communication research institute, huawei, zte, China xinke (formed from the merger of the former datang telecom group and fiberhome technology group), China mobile, China telecom, China unicom and other units.

China's 5G wireless air port technology (RIT) solution is based on 3GPP (third-generation partnership plan agreement) new air port (NR) and narrow-band Internet of things (nb-iot) technologies. NR mainly meets the technical requirements of enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and low delay and high reliability (URLLC), while nb-iot meets the technical requirements of mMTC. China's 5G technology plan expresses China's understanding of 5G technology, takes into account the integrity and advancement of 5G technology, and maintains the global unified standard with 3GPP as the core to reflect China's industrial interests.

According to the requirements of the international telecommunication union, the complete 5G technical submission materials include descriptive templates for technical solutions, budget templates for links, templates for performance index satisfaction, and self-assessment reports. China's 5G technology solutions and supporting materials come from the research results of many domestic equipment manufacturers, operators and research institutions, reflecting the collective wisdom and wisdom of the domestic communication field. According to the results of self-evaluation in China, NR+ nb-iot wireless air port technology scheme can fully meet the technical vision requirements of imt-2020 and the technical indicators requirements of imt-2020.

In the follow-up meeting of the 5D working group of the wireless communication sector of the international telecommunication union, China will cooperate with various countries and regional organizations and deeply participate in the evaluation and coordination process of the international telecommunication union. The international telecommunication union will officially announce the birth of 5G technology solution at the WP5D#35 meeting in June 2020 based on the results of evaluation and coordination.