Beijing municipal administration of communications: Beijing has built 5,285 5G base stations

The 2019 zhongguancun 5G innovative application competition kicked off in Beijing on Sunday. By the end of June 2019, three basic telecom operators had built 5,285 5G base stations in Beijing, mainly covering urban core areas, winter Olympics parks, world horticulturalexpo parks and Beijing daxing international airport, said wang hui, deputy director of the Beijing municipal administration of communications.

Wang hui believes that 5G, as the main direction of the development of new generation of information and communication technology, will usher in a new digital era of the Internet of everything, which is of great strategic significance for building an intelligent society, developing digital economy and realizing high-quality economic development.

Beijing municipal economic and information bureau chief engineer Gu Jinxu said that in the future with 5 g technology progress and the deepening of application scenarios, Beijing will also further strengthen 5 g demonstration application promotion, in the cultural entertainment, video monitoring, VR teaching, vertical industry such as bank of wisdom to achieve 5 g technology combined with the depth of the industry application, 5 g demonstration application leading to Beijing national 5 g industry innovation and development.

By 2021, Beijing is expected to have 5G network coverage in key functional areas such as the capital's functional core area, Beijing's urban sub-center, three cities and one district, the central business district (CBD) and the Olympic central district, according to the report.